What goes on in the mind of a content marketer? The Kickass Content Marketing Podcast reveals all (or at least a lot). 

This podcast is all about tips and tricks to help small businesses create content with ease and joy, while also attracting clients. 

Each episode is short because who has time to listen to a long show? Not I. 

Each episode may be short, but it’s got nuggets inside to help you plan to kickass with your content marketing.

3: Be perfectly imperfect

2: What content marketing is

1: Let's do this thing.

Thank you to Anchor.fm for making my content marketing podcast possible. I was toying with the idea, but it felt overwhelming to me. When I learned about the platform, I just went for it! You’re listening to the result.

For more content marketing resources, visit the resources page, which has some great freebies for you. 

You can also find my blog, where I provide even more advice and thoughts about content marketing at SusanRose.net/Tips.