Susan Rose

Copy writer, content strategist, Superhero mentor to women who want to make an impact

My Story

For 30 years, I have been a journalist, marketing copywriter, and content strategist. I have earned praise (and awards) for writing marketing copy, both print and digital.

My super power is understanding what the audience really wants and how a specific product or service gets them there—whether it’s eliminating back pain or creating a dream life.

The path to becoming a content Superhero was, like many journeys, a little bumpy.

Susan Rose content superheroBack in 2016, I was earning a great living as a corprate content writer, but I was unfulfilled. So I decided to use my health coaching certification and help women find more joy in life.

I made a BIG mistake right away: I assumed  there was NO WAY the proven tactics I used for my B2B clients would work in the personal development market. So I TOSSED that expertise out the window. 

I signed up with a high-ticket coach who was focused on one (and only one) marketing tactic. I thought that was the way to go, even though nothing about it felt authentic AND I was working 12 to 15 hour days. 

After losing more than $60,000 (okay, $80,000 if I’m going to be totally honest) and seeing ZERO results, it was time to quit.

Then I attended a digital marketing conference and the light bulb went on. I realized the BIG mistake: focusing on only one type of marketing and throwing spaghetti at the wall simply does not work in ANY market.

I went back to the tactics I had successfully used to help multi-million dollar companies (and my husband’s massage clinic) consistently grow. And guess what? I began to see results—higher email open rates, more engagement, and sales! 

I do not EVER want you to throw that kind of money down the drain. Or any. The truth is the only right content marketing strategy for you is the one that is uniquely tailored to you and your business.

So now I spend my days between creating content strategies and copy for a range of companies (including some cool yogis) and teaching my students how to replicate the same success. My mission is to help women entrepreneurs find joy in their content marketing, getting more results without spending more time creating content.


Other fun stuff


MA in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts University and a BS in Journalism from Kansas University, as well as certifications in digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and health coaching.


  • MarCom Creative Awards, Brochure, Platinum Medal (Elder Care Consultants brochure)
  • MarCom Creative Awards, Writing/Other, Gold Medal (Two Sisters Creative postcard campaign)
  • Communicator Awards Print Media Competition, writing/brochure, honorable mention (Eco-resorts)
  • Association Trends All Media Awards, Trade Show/Exhibit Sales Package, Gold Medal (NAHB Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities kit)

Partial Client List

American Red Cross, American Society of Civil Engineers, Conservation International, Deloitte, Elder Care Consultants, Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, Golden Health Holistics, Gutsy Happiness, Microsoft, National Art Education Association, National Association of Home Builders, OAR Associates, Red Thinking, Rejuvenations Massage Therapy, Society for Interventional Radiology, SoulPeace, TA Health Education Foundation, The George Washington University, Wilderness Markets


Sweet husband, 2 cool step children, and 2 little dogs who bark a lot.

 A Few Results

  • The National Association of Home Builders’ sales team increased sales by 200% with a kicka$$ sponsorship kit.
  • Rejuvenations Massage Therapy increased new client bookings 20% with landing pages focused on specific avatars and their pain points.
  • Sacred Grove increased email open rates from 11% to 30%, and click through rates from 6% to 17% (on average) with an email marketing strategy and thought-provoking subject lines.
  • Iron Mountain increased sales leads by 300% and sold more than $1 million as a direct result of a research-based thought leadership white paper. (The copy wasn’t snappy or cool, but it was effective!)